About Us

We are Okiddoky


Okiddoky is a Baby and Kids online concept store where you can find all things beautiful and unique for your little ones, the nursery, the toddler room, your child’s activities, even for yourself and your home. Here at Okiddoky you can find a wide range of beautiful baby and children’s products from prominent European brands focusing on design, organic quality and friendly to the environment. Okiddoky also stocks nifty and hip new brands that we find along the way. Our mission is to provide an accessible and friendly platform to do your shopping from the comfort of your home.

Our Story


My name is Elpida Hadjistephanou, I am a wife and devoted mother to a 7 year old boy who drives me mad half the time but makes me so proud and happy the other half! 🙂

I studied Marketing and Management but ended up working in the Finance department for a private company for 10 years instead. Finance however was not my favorite subject so when our baby came along, with my husband’s support I decided to leave my job and raise our child myself. At the same time I decided that when the time was right I would search for a new chapter in my career.  

Having a new baby and with tons of friends around me having babies, meant that my days were filled with baby products and toys and a constant quest for the perfect baby-shower gift! So it quickly became evident to me what my new passion is and I decided to turn my passion into my job.

I began compiling a magical list of products which would be elegant and also most importantly free, as much as possible, from toxic chemicals, dyes or anything that could be harmful for my baby, or any other child. And just like that (and after endless hours of searching and reading about anything baby-related) Okiddoky was born!

At Okiddoky we strive to offer you products, as much as possible, that are ecological, sustainable and safe for your children.

A child’s habitat and setting is of paramount importance to us here at Okidokky. We believe it to be of great importance for a child’s nurture and development. A tranquil environment vacant from daily distractions equips a child with the necessary togetherness and harmony it needs. Moreover it gives the opportunity to dotting parents to enjoy what parenting is all about in a peaceful environment. Here at Okiddoky it is our fundamental belief that not everything has to change with a baby’s arrival.

The Okkidokky team works tirelessly to bring to you and to your homes elegant but at the same time fun and cool products. We hope you enjoy navigating and shopping through our platform. Mostly we hope you find a haven in Okidokky that satisfies your style and home.

I wish you Happy shopping!

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