Toy Storage Solutions

Here at Okiddoky we understand that having a toddler at home might be overwhelming with the amount of toys and personal belongings accumulated. Having a toddler myself, I completely relate to you when you say toys are piling up everywhere taking over the house!

As such, we have curated a list of Storage solutions for you that will help you declutter a little and get your living room or their room back into a tidy and calm state!

However, first thing’s first. First line of order should be to discard old toys that are no longer used or needed. Every now and again, me and my son choose which toys he doesn’t want or need anymore and we donate them to several charities or families who are less fortunate than we are. In this way, he helps me declutter (because god held me if I accidentally donate the tiny car which he no longer plays with but will one day remember!), Most importantly, i instill in him the habit of helping those who are less fortunate than him and in the process hopefully he understands to appreciate what we have. Because what better way than to practice what you preach!

Next order of business – categorizing!  Divide the toys and items that you have decided to keep into categories.  This will make tidying up after a breeze – for you and for the kids once they learn where things are kept and they can understand that it’s important to keep things in order if they want them to be found! What I do is; cars in one basket; superheroes in another; lego in another etc. Yes I know I am an organizational freak and I love categorizing and tidying up but it makes life so much easier with kids!

My go-to solutions and ammunition for keeping everything at home as tidy and organized as possible are the following:

  1. Boabab Storage basket by Nobodinoz

These fabric baskets by Spanish brand Nobodinoz are so versatile. They can be used as toy storage or for dirty laundry due to the fact that they can be closed on top. They are so big that they can fit tons of dinosaur figurines, superhero figurines, cars (big and small) but also teddies!

  1. Recyclable Paper Storage basket by Tellkiddo

These storage baskets by Swedish brand Tellkiddo are not only practical, but they are also a stylish accessory for your children’s room or even the living room! On the plus side they are recyclable so you are also giving something back to our planet. They come in 2 sizes. A tall size and a smaller size.  In the tall size we would recommend that you store bigger items that don’t have to be retrieved daily  since they may be quite tall for younger children You can store balls, swords or playsuits. We suggest that smaller toys such as cars or bigger figurines be stored in the small size paper basket so that kids can easily empty it and search to find what they are looking for. Don’t let the paper element scare you. They are durable and reusable many times over. Tried and tested!

  1. Fabric storage bag by Tellkiddo

These fabric storage bags again by Swedish brand Tellkiddo, are ideal for storing really small toys. They are also super useful for family outings so that your child can carry their toys at the outing to keep them entertained.

  1. Pop-in Suitcase sets by Liewood

These Pop-in Suitcases sets by Danish brand Liewood come in 3 different sizes so you can categorize the toys per suitcase. They are sold as a pack of 3. They are ideal for smaller toys which tend to get lost all the time around the house. They also make for a cute design addition to the kid’s room. They can even be used for a newborn,  to store skincare products, hygiene products or even nappies.

  1. Play & Go toy storage bags

The popular Play & Go storage bags are fit for any type of toy storage. They are large enough to fit big AND small toys. The amazing thing about them is that they open up as a mat so the child can sit in it and play with its toys. When they are finished, you just have to pull the strings up and enclose all the toys in. As simple as that.  Play & Go is perfect for storing Legos due to the fact that all those small pieces will not be scattered around the house taking up time to tidy up or get lost, but they remain in the bag whilst playing and safely stored afterwards.

  1. Toy Chest on Wheels by Ooh Noo

The Toy Chest on Wheels. Is it a toy that functions as a storage bin or a storage bin that functions as a toy? It can be anything and the answer is sure to be different whether you ask mums or their children.
Ideal for storing books, wooden blocks or teddies. It is elegant and makes for an amazing piece of interior object in their room.