Bear Baby Swing Pink


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Playground at home! Monio is all about creating playful elements that you can use to create a playful environment at home! Swing your baby around at home when you don’t have time to go to the park!

Swing dimensions : depth approx. 20cm, width approx. 27cm, length approx. 25cm

Composition: 100% certified, soft upholstery fabric, pine wood, cotton rope

Age : 9m+ (for children who can already sit on their own)

Child weight : up to 18 kg



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– to the ceiling (rope length approx. 180 cm) – standard room height 2.5 m – 2.7 m

– for door frame – (rope length approx. 130cm) – standard door frame height

– on request – individual rope lengths


ATTENTION! The set does not include hooks, which must be purchased for a specific/intended surface.


Required hook parameters:

– diameter min. 6mm

– hook curl at least 540°

Required pin parameters:

– diameter min. 10mm

– length min. 70mm


– hook curl at least 540°

Required pin parameters:

– diameter min. 10mm

– length min. 70mm


Additional information

Weight 20 kg



Dirty Pink, Beige, Cream, Grey, Pink



The MONiO company was created with the thought and love of children in mind.It all began when the founders daughter appeared in the world. Their whole world turned upside down :) in a positive sense, of course! It was this little creature that made them love to fulfill children's dreams! They saw that our child's JOY is also their huge, never described joy and happiness! The first DRY POOL with colorful balls was created for their daughter! When they saw how much fun this pool gave her, they decided to make other kids happy too :) and that's how it started .