Snack Disk Purple


Spin your Snack meal!
Turns the snack meal into an adventure
Perfect for daycare, school, on theexcursion or during the trip.Rotatable with five compartments. Compact & easy to pack. The disc in the middle can easily be removed and placed on the picnicblanket or the table.
A better way to pack healthysnacks – so reuse, reduce and save! Pack awaste free snack meal with fresh berries, nutsor any other dry food. It both saves spacewhile keeping the snacks fresh and preventsthem from being crushed. Just spin the discand turn the meal into a food adventure foryou and your child. A must for daycare,school, excursions, car rides, taking the kidsshopping or a picnic. It has five rotatablecompartments and the food disc can easilybe removed and placed on the picnic blanketor the table.
Dishwasher safe
Weight: 178g
Dimensions: 4.5 x 15cm

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Carl Oscar

Carl Oscar focus on products with function, color and shape in connection with food and drink and have a burning interest in developing smart solutions for both children and adults. Their goal is to produce affordable and functional products that make it easier for our customers to make everyday feelings fun and inspiring to use.

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