Ultra Wide Neck Silicone Feeding Bottle 150ml


Borrn Feeding bottles are made in the UK.
They are made from 100% Food grade-silicone(inner space)
They have a Breast-like silicone teat  and an Anti-colic Duo Valve System which reduces discomfort and colic.
BORRN is proud to be recognised around the globe for safe and innovative baby products with good designs with awards  and recognitions from CNN Style, De Zeen, Mother & Baby awards 2020 shortlist, Mom, Nursery today and more.

Mess Free: Only 2 components and and ultra wide neck design allows easy cleaning and assembling.
Toxic & BPA Free: Borrn’s LSR twin-shot molding technology produces baby bottles with 100% medical grade silicone inner surface, no contents of the bottle will come into contact with plastic. It is one of the most hygienic products on the market.
Worry Free: Anti-colic Duo Valve System and ergonomic design for best baby comfort. BORRN Silicone Bottle mimics breastfeeding experience and thus allows easy transition from breast to bottle.

Comes with a slow flow teat suitable for a newborn
EN14350 Approved

Dimension & weight

  • Weight:147g
  • Dimension:8*8*14cm


  • Before each use, always clean all components
  • After use, always wash all components one by one thoroughly with warm soapy water, and rinse in clean water
  • Sterilise all components with boiling water for 5 minutes, keeping all components completely immersed in the water
  • Keep dry and clean
  • All components are suitable for use in electric steam steriliser and dishwashers (Top rack only)

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BORRN" is about the birth of parent-child relationships. Every birth is a story – a unique, lifelong parent-child story for each family. Parenting is a big but joyful mission, BORRN is devoted to deliver the best support along this journey, we caring for both child and parent. BORRN celebrates parenthood and born to be a part of your family stories. BORRN’s mission is to deliver mess-free, durable and innovative solutions, making lives of parents more enjoyable. Happy and handy parenting is our priority. BORRN is proud to be recognised around the globe for safe and innovative baby products with good designs.

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