Velvet Round Ball Pool 40×90


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NEW Velvet Ball Pools!!!
Playroom in your own home!!!!! Don’t all children dream about it? Thanks to the Miii Mi dry ball pools their dream can be fulfilled!!! Endless fun and joy is guaranteed! Even for older children:) Dry ball pools conquer the hearts of all children! Great fun and interesting colour learning! At the same time dry ball pools support the development, physical and manual fitness. In addition, they can help with rehabilitation by stimulating senses and massage the whole body!

Make your own Ball Pool just the way you dreamed of it!
– Choose the Colour of the Velvet fabric of the Ball Pool
– Choose the Colours of the balls (as many as you like) – please add the colour numbers you would like in the field provided.


Earn up to 155 Points.



Ball Colours: white, pearl, transparent, silver, gray, black, beige, powder pink, light pink, strong pink, dirty pink, violet, mint, light mint, turquoise, metallic turquoise, metallic navy blue, blue, light blue, lazure,  aquamarine, yellow, gold, orange, red. The balls are packed in a cloth bag

Modern Design & Safety: As parents we increasingly appreciate the safety of toys for our children as well as anything natural that doesn’t harm the environment. The Miii Mi dry ball pools are created from materials safe for children and certified (they meet the requirements of the European Parliament directive 2009/48/EC of June,2009 on the safety of toys)

Our dry pools have undergone rigorous testing:

EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3, EN71-8, REACH

Product details:

Balls: 200 pcs in the set – made of non-toxic material

Material: Cotton Velvet (95% Cotton / 5% Spandex)


Height: 40 cm

Diameter: 90 cm

Side thickness: 6 cm

Bottom thickness: 1.5 cm

The cover is removable to allow washing.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg



Dirty Pink, Beige, Cream, Grey, Pink



The MONiO company was created with the thought and love of children in mind.It all began when the founders daughter appeared in the world. Their whole world turned upside down :) in a positive sense, of course! It was this little creature that made them love to fulfill children's dreams! They saw that our child's JOY is also their huge, never described joy and happiness! The first DRY POOL with colorful balls was created for their daughter! When they saw how much fun this pool gave her, they decided to make other kids happy too :) and that's how it started .