Trybike Steel Vintage Blue 2 wheeler


An incredible balance bike that comes to us from the Netherlands, the  country of cycling!

The Trybike is the appropriate next step as the child passes the transition from moving on foot to balance on the bike.
It is essentially a training bike without wheels,  which helps the child learn to balance and turn. 
The  Trybike balance bikes  are an excellent choice to become the first bicycle child! It has a steel frame, wide wheels for greater stability, high quality bearings and nylon cineblock that absorb vibrations.
As for the design ??? They are just beautiful! With the stickers included the child can give his own style!
  • Material: Steel Frame
  • Variable seat height from 30 to 45 cm
  • Small steering wheel rotation radius for greater control
  • Low center of gravity for greater stability
  • Wide 12inch wheels that inflate and do not slip on any surface
  • Smooth rolling on wheels thanks to high quality bearings, shock-absorbing nylon cineblocks, and hard shaft
  • Easy assembly on wheels
  • Unique Footstool for better balance
  • Stickers to give the child his own style

Ages:  from 15 months to 6 years

Weight:  5.2 kg


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Pim and Alex, two brothers who are crazy about cycling and they come from the Netherlands started developing their own balance bike in 2015, applying all of their knowledge as toy sellers and cyclists during the process. They use certified wood, recycled board and only quality and safe materials and Trybike is as sustainable as possible with respect for our planet

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