Stool Chair Pink


When little legs are tired, they really need a place to sit and… run on. Or come up with own inventions, drawings, discoveries, tea parties and much, much more.
Contains 3 parts, which need to be assembled and to make a stool.
Safe for children. They do not break, but strip. They can be decorated and painted, and most importantly – there are no sharp corners!
Eco-furniture,certified in Ukraine. All details are made of natural materials: certified plywood, zero paint and varnish coating or toxic parts, linen bag, comfortable craft box for storaging.

100% safe shopping. If you won’t be completely satisfied with ourproduct within 30 days – we will refund you all the money (in case of keeping package and all details in integrity)

Development of: aesthetics, momless opportunity
Material: birch plywood euro 1 standart based on the FSC wood, metal fastening
Coating: non-toxic water-based paint
Size:222*222*238 mm
Package: craft box, paper case, craft paper
Age: 3+

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Babai Toys

Babai Toys is a Ukranian-based company that specialises in innovative, high-quality toys made from wood. Babai Toys combines tradition with modernity, encouraging kids to dream big. The makers at Babai Toys value quality by strictly following EU standards and manufacture their toys in an envrionmentally safe approach using raw, natural materials. Babai creates Open-ended toys for creative development of children allowing them to set free the children's imagination.