Danny’s Bedroom Makeover with Okiddoky

Danny, my youngest boy, is almost two years old. And up until now I haven’t felt inspired  enough to create a cosy and dreamy bedroom for him. When you get to the point where you have three kids, somewhere along the line you lose interest in the little things that used to spark joy. I loved decorating Georgie’s bedroom when we first moved into our new home over 6 years ago- it was my favourite room in the house- and I put alot of effort into James’s bedroom when he came along but poor little Danny still had a banner with the name Georgie on his bedroom wall and a basket full of broken toys in the corner. Not anymore. With the help of a truly beautiful range of products from Okiddoky, I am happy to announce that my baby boy has his own beautiful and organised little corner.

Since its opening almost two years ago, I have been a big fan of Okiddoky, a baby and kids online concept store based in Cyprus. Run by mum of one, the gorgeous Elpida, it has been my go-to shopping destination for many things over the past couple of years. From birthday, Christmas and christening gifts, to lunchboxes and toys and storage solutions, I know for a fact that I will find great quality and beautiful products that will last. What is the most important part about my shopping experience with Okiddoky though is the ease and uncomplicated manner with which you can make purchases. The website is so easy to use and navigate that it really is a joy spending time on there, scrolling through the many products available.

When Elpida contacted me about working together, I knew this would be a fantastic opportunity to create a dream bedroom for my littlest boy. He is after all my last baby, so I’ve been feeling the need to make it cosy, keep it simple and make sure I have enough storage space! Right? Perhaps like most of you, I have an obsession with storage baskets and boxes and all sorts of ways I can keep house mess under control. So I looked through  Okiddoky’s extensive range and ended up ordering this lush Nobodinoz material toy bag, which is actually perfect as a laundry basket too with handles on either side. And I couldn’t resist another TellKiddo paper bag. We have three around the house because they are just so bloody genius!

Okiddoky stocks a range of amazing Scandinavian designs, which I personally love. Liewood is one of those brands that can do no wrong in my mind because they create products, from organic textiles to soft and warm knitwear, that are designed to last longer and look amazing. Another brand I loved and wanted to include in the bedroom makeover was Lorena Canals, which specialises in handmade non-toxic rugs that are to die for. A variety of cushions in cool designs are also available, something that perhaps older kids would love too. There are over 25 different brands available on the Okiddoky website so rest assured you will find something irresistible to add to your kid’s bedroom or your home in general.

One of the first products I purchased from Okiddoky was this teepee, which was a gift from Santa to James last year. The kids absolutely love it and I love the gorgeous design which means that I have no problem with it being part of our living room. Georgie has asked to take it into his bedroom resulting in major arguments between him and James. I hope that one diffuses soon.

I have made quite a few purchases from Okiddoky but by far my favourite one is this lunchbox. Ever since Georgie started preschool over 5 years ago I have enjoyed preparing food for school. During those first years, I spent a lot of money on various lunchboxes that I thought could offer me the chance to pack a rounded and healthy meal for my boy while he’s at school. It wasn’t until this year when James started preschool that I found exactly what I was looking for. With individual compartments labelled dairy, protein, grain, vegetable and fruit, this Bento box by Penny Scalan allows me to pack a variety of foods I know my boys likes. And the best part, it’s non-leak! I have packed yoghurt in there and had no issues with it leaking out the sides. Over on Instagram I have posted numerous photos of James’s lunchbox with ideas on what to put in there, resulting in Elpida having to restock twice! Not sorry though because when I come across an amazing product that promises to do exactly what it is supposed to do, I will scream it from the rooftops.

Last year I shopped the majority of the kids’ gifts from Okiddoky. It felt good knowing that I was spending on quality, sustainable, eco-friendly products and supporting a small mama-owned business at the same time. And at this point I can’t stress enough how much of a difference it makes to be able to shop from a business with impeccable service and a website that is perfectly designed and fast!

When i first started working on launching Okiddoky, creating dreamy bedrooms for kids and babies with a minimalistic and Scandinavian style was my vision. Okiddoky is slowly building quite a range of interior products with which we can transform your child’s bedroom  – and we are constantly working on increasing our range and categories for decoration. We hope that you can find things you love to create their room and we are always here to help you and guide you do it together!

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