Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas – the season of love, happiness, giving and sharing! Christmas is such a happy and festive period but it is also a super busy period for all mummies with all the things that need to get done. Some people start preparing months in advance for this season (kudos to you!) If you haven’t planned months in advance then definitely carry on reading!

My son, like I am sure all children, is getting super excited and hyped about all the gifts Santa will bring and everything he will get from friends and family, which if you ask me sometimes are a tad too much. But it definitely makes the kids so happy, with even the most minor gift which is beautifully wrapped in glittery Christmas wrapping paper makes their eyes glitter with excitement and their heart pound with joy – so much so that it’s contagious!

Beyond gifts, Christmas is about family and family traditions and creating treasured memories with your loved ones. My most favorite Christmas tradition which (thankfully) my family followed was the Christmas Stocking filled with plenty of small but precious gifts. Christmas morning was the highlight of my year. I couldn’t wait to start unwrapping the gifts from my stocking which was hanging from the fireplace or next to the tree. I used to get so excited with even just a set of coloring pencils or socks!

When I left my family home and created my own little family, I decided that I too would continue this much-loved Christmas tradition which helped create memories that I hold dearly in my heart. As a child-free couple, I forced my husband to get on-board with the stocking tradition. He found it a little hard to come round to the idea (mostly the idea of running around shops to find gifts), but by our first Christmas morning together, he couldn’t wait to open the gifts in his Stocking – he was sold!

When our son came along, I [albeit slightly reluctantly] passed on my huge stocking to him and I settled for a smaller one – still haven’t quite come to terms with this arrangement. So every year, my son gets 1 present from Santa which he asks for and then tons of small presents from us in his stocking. And he just LOVES it. [Mum and Dad still get their stocking fillers too though Dad is now sad his presents have become fewer].

So if you are also into the Christmas Stocking tradition (or why not start a new family tradition this year) check-out our ideas for the Christmas stocking fillers (most of which are essentials which can double as gifts!).

  1. Socks
  2. Water bottles
  3. Snack boxes
  4. Drinking cups
  5. Bath toys
  6. Books
  7. Small figurines
  8. Colors
  9. Pencil cases
  10. Small night lamps
  11. Small teddies


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